Our Services


Preventive and corrective maintenance of residential, commercial, industrial and naval air-conditioners equipment. We have maintenance packages with duration of one year with visits once a month to ensure continuous operation of your business.

Technical Assistance

Our professionals are able to assist with all existing brands on the market, always on time and with quality that only ARBELLI can provide.


With a strong demand in the region we have developed works focused on the OFFSHORE area providing services with quality in platforms and vessels.

Types of Air-Conditioning
  • Window: It is the simplest type of equipment. They are compact and do not require special installation as they are installed on walls or windows.
  • Split: It is a device divided into two units (evaporator and condenser) which are interconnected by copper pipes through which circulates the coolant gas. It has multiple mounting options. It is a device that meets a very large range of businesses, especially because of its versatility.

  • Tips on how to save energy for Air-Conditioning users:
  • Close the doors and windows of the room when the air conditioner is on.
  • Get the air conditioning window models that have the Procel Energy Saving graded A or B (savings of up to 34% in energy consumption).
  • Install the equipment in a place of good air circulation, avoiding the placement of objects that obstruct the exit and / or equipment air intake.
  • Obey the minimum dimensions required by the manufacturer for installation of air conditioning window and splits.
  • Periodically clean the filters because dirt reduces the efficiency of equipment and impair air quality in the environment.
  • Turn off the air conditioner when you are absent from the environment for long periods (more than two hours).
  • When it is possible, close the curtains and / or blinds on the environment, thus avoiding the excessive heat input.